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Monday, March 12, 2012

Interview with Zach "Baby Ghost" Ferguson

1) what is your name and where are you from? zach ferguson im from duval and clay

2) You go under moniker "baby ghost", can you tell me about the origin of this name and what it means/represents? baby ghost is from a picture of john ross in a beanie. then i started calling every one that. the true baby ghost is that zbbc guy chris or something. but really, we are all baby ghost.

3) We've played shows together and you always seem to have an eccletic set up of gear, what does your gear set up usually include when you play? what's your favorite piece of equiment to perform with? i have a sampler, a keyboard with a bunch of pedals, a alesis old drum machine, some looping pedals, a korg synth generator or something, a dj cd player i think numark makes it. i like that the most at this present moment.

4) Tell me about what bands, or friends bands first got you involved in music? my boy josh n rva and my lil sis lindsay up there. justin n sara spivey they're in cali now. playing with them really changed my outlook on music.

5) When did you first begin performing live? my first show was at a catholic school in m burg when i was in 8th grade. i sang barbra ann in spanish to some kids at school for a class project. there is a recording some mom had somewhere out there.

6) How do you describe your sound, if you had to? some kid said rocking over hip hop beats. i take a lot of influence from any kind of psychedelic music from goth shit to dj screw to 60s shit.

7) I know you have an interest in rap music and beat making, who are some of your favorite producers/rapper in the game past or present? lex luger and brick squad lil b earl sweatshirt kanye odd future, old shit like cannibal ox, wutang, killa priest, old memphis shit, dj screw screwed up click

8) Tell me about what you're doing now musically, as far as recording and future performances go? i got some songs for a new tape in mind still gotta finish my old one though. dunno about shows ill be at work the next few months. besides that probably write. i wanna get sort of a record label going and get some shit going with these other bands doin what im doing

9) Are there any bands/musicans that you're into locally or nationally? all my people john ross you "philip casey cardona" butta "virgin flowers" and john touchton "ascetic", ryan strassers got a new project "scram brothers" he's about ready to do shows,koas, the mold, wudun was rad, civilization if they're still around, national dairy and dairy, jordan does violent hugs which is rad, all the invermere house people national im into a lot of the new laptop witchhouse people. tennis rodman did death of slime tape super sick, gvcci hvcci, narwals of sound and shams from rva, the nervous ticks from up there

10) Finally, any last words or links etc?.. you would like to let the readers know of. http://soundcloud.com/zachferguson

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